Saudi port registers record, receiving 26 ships in a day

The King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam is operating at full capacity to provide the market needs of goods imported from overseas, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The King Abdulaziz Port here registered a record figure Sunday by receiving 26 ships; of various types, sizes and loads simultaneously, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Sunday.

The port is operating at full capacity to provide the market needs of goods imported from overseas. Despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The port receiving this large number of ships confirms its maritime, operational and logistics capabilities and efficiency. Besides, the level of readiness and capacity to receive the largest and biggest number of ships. This is to handle different kinds of goods round the clock in all conditions and amid various challenges.

The port provides comprehensive operation services, in addition to possessing machinery for up-to-date handling of different types of goods.

The port has two sophisticated container terminals, a terminal for chilled goods, two for general goods, two for cement — one for export of black cement and klinker and the other for white cement — one terminal for loose grains, one for handling of iron ore, and a terminal for ship building and gas and petroleum platforms.

Work is going on to convert the port to a facility for repairing vessels. It will have two floating wharves for ships, with a maximum of length of 215 meters.

The King Abdulaziz Port is the biggest Saudi port on the Arabian Gulf coast. This is with a distinctive location that serves an integrated commercial window linking the Kingdom with the world; with 43 berths and an area of 19 sq. m., and a capacity of 105 million tons.

It is also linked to the dry dock in Riyadh by a railway. This helps entry of goods from different parts of the world to the Eastern Province and the Central Region of the Kingdom.