Saudi mother and daughter graduate from university on same day

Saudi mother and daughter graduate from university on same day

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree is a dream milestone for many. But for some this dream could be a distant one. However, when true grit melds with a person’s passion to graduate to a new level in studies; then you have an inspiring story that endures.

Saudi woman Eidah Al-Rasheedi has written one such story as she kept the flames of passion for studies; and eventually graduate lit with her determination to go the distance and by overcoming all odds. And in her unique way also added an icing to her success story.

Doubled joy

Al-Rasheedi narrates about her great struggle to make her life’s wish come true; and it was realized after a long journey of studying hard. The crowning moment was when Al-Rasheedi donned the graduation gown at Shaqra University; but in a twist to her tale, her joy doubled when she graduated along with her daughter Areej last Friday.

The mother and daughter, agog with excitement, savored their special moment in the midst of family and friends, amid an atmosphere of euphoria with family members, university female colleagues and personnel all sharing and cheering them on.

The lists of the 12th batch students at Shaqra University were embellished by the names of the mother and daughter, who graduated together, to forge ahead in the fields of work in serving their nation, and continuing the trek of struggle and excellence — displaying the best examples of diligence and struggle, until they reached their goals and ambitions.

The mother Eidah said: “I have five daughters and three grandsons, but despite this, I challenged all the circumstances and summoned all my determination to achieve the dream of my childhood — to obtain a bachelor’s degree. And this took place last night.”

She added: “I was able to reconcile between my studies and managing my family affairs. My daughter, Areej, and I were in a state of great competition in studying and revising our lectures and lessons, until we graduated together on the same day.”

She revealed: “I enrolled in the university after completing my secondary school education via the “home study” system. After one year, I got all the support and encouragement from my daughters and husband, until I reached the stage I am now in today.

Indescribable feelings

“I’m very happy with this accomplishment and obtaining my bachelor’s degree. My feelings are indescribable. The happiness in our home is twice as much — my graduation and my daughter’s.”

She said: “I specialized in Business Administration in the Faculty of Science and Human Studies in Shaqra, while my daughter, Areej specialized in kindergartens in the same faculty. At present, I have ambitions to go for postgraduate studies, especially amid the limitless support that education and Saudi women get from the Kingdom’s leadership.”

Meanwhile, her daughter, Areej, said: “I’m living in a stage of great happiness and pride over my mom’s graduation; as I recall the nights she used to stay awake for my comfort throughout our lives.

“During the university studies; we used to encourage one another to study and revise the university lectures and lessons; so as to score high marks in the university courses and subjects.”

It is noteworthy that Shaqra University held a virtual graduation ceremony for the 12th batch of students; comprising 6,300 male and female graduates. The President of the University Dr. Ali Al-Saif congratulated all the men and women graduates, wishing them further excellence and success.