Saudi Ministry of Justice Launches 2nd Phase of Alimony Fund

the King Abdullah Financial District, north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched the second phase of the Alimony Fund initiative.

This phase covers “temporary maintenance” for those with a ruling in their favor but not yet enforced for a reason other than insolvency.

With this phase, the Ministry of Justice wants to ensure financial coverage for beneficiaries during a transitional period in order to create stability.

The ministry completed the pilot phase of the fund, which covers “permanent maintenance,” and plans for a third phase that handles “urgent maintenance” in cases still under hearing.

“The fund aims at the prompt disbursement of maintenance and the financial stability of families,” the ministry said.

“In order to fast-track applications, we opened direct communication with clients through an online platform.”

The first phase of alimony fund started in April 2019.

It financially covers applicants with alimony rulings to their favor but that were not implemented.