Saudi KSrelief’s Voluntary Medical Campaign Combats Blindness in Cameroon

Saudi KSrelief's Voluntary Medical Campaign Combats Blindness in Cameroon

The voluntary medical campaign of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) to combat blindness and relevant diseases, in Cameroon, has assessed on Thursday, the cases of patients in order to start their operations today, where about 3,200 patients were examined and 210 of them were selected for the operations.

The campaign is conducted by the KSrelief in cooperation with Al-Basar International Foundation, aiming to treat people with eye diseases in Cameroon and provide them with the necessary medical care.

In the same context, the Center concluded, on Friday, its voluntary medical campaign for urology for children in the city of Sayun, Yemen. The Center’s voluntary medical team performed seven complex operations on the sixth and final day, bringing the total to 57 operations during the campaign.

This campaign comes within the framework of a series of medical campaigns conducted by the Kingdom represented by the Center to support patients and the needy and control diseases in various countries in need.