Saudi Justice Ministry launches “labor calculator” to aid labor courts and raise legal awareness

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched the first version of the “labor calculator” e-service, aiming to ensure speedy recovery of dues and swift labor court procedures.

“The labor calculator aims to promote legal awareness, facilitate the application of the Labor Law and regulations, and ensure the accuracy of financial labor calculations,” the ministry said. “The calculator is comprehensive and user-friendly, includes all sections on a single web page, and allows users to print out results.”

The ministry also noted that the labor calculator covers the major financial dues stated in the Labor Law: overdue wages, end-of-service benefits, vacation pay, overtime, and compensation for arbitrary termination; among other sections.

In its work on the project, the ministry’s Research Center and the Labor Justice Unit analyzed the Labor Law and regulations, converted the most important rights into formulas, coded the formulas, and tested the results.

The calculator is available on the following link: