Saudi Investment Minister Visits UK to Enhance Bilateral Investment Relations

Saudi Minister of Investment Eng. Khalid Al-Falih today started an official visit to the UK, during which he is scheduled to hold a series of meetings with officials from the public and private sectors and at major UK companies in various sectors, including financial services, healthcare, chemical industries, hotel and hospitality, and manufacturing of consumer commodities, among others.

The Minister started his visit with a meeting with Prince Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the UK.

The Minister said: “Saudi Vision 2030 is an ambitious development plan that offers unprecedented investment opportunities for investors, whether they are governments, companies or individuals. We are keen for our friends in the UK to be fully acquainted with the available opportunities and the major developments that the investment environment witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially that we want their partnership to continue with us while we are building a prominent investment stage of our national development process”.

He pointed out that there are more than 600 British companies working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expressing aspiration that the visit and meetings will contribute to increasing the volume of UK investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Al-Falih also said that the visit aims at enhancing the mutual investment and economic ties as part of the strategic partnership between the two countries in a way that accords with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

The visit also seeks to benefit from British expertise in the financial sector, green financing models, discussing opportunities and prospects for developing the main components of supply chains in the health and biology sectors, advanced technologies, education, human resources development, and attracting British educational institutions and programs into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Minister added that the visit also aims at acquainting officials and executive leaders in the UK with the achievements of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the legislative reform and executive programs, in addition to what the Vision offers of incentives and support to investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, reviewing the developments in the investment environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that enhanced its attractiveness to investors and increased its competitiveness and ease of doing business, as well as displaying major investment opportunities available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of programs and projects of the Saudi Vision 2030.