Saudi Health Ministry Reasserts Importance of Applying Social Distancing to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Saudi Arabia to Lift Most COVID-Related Curbs on Sunday

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health reasserted on Monday the importance of abiding by the precautionary measures and preventive procedures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Health Ministry stated that the preventive measure should be followed such as putting on the mask, avoiding hands-shaking and apply the social distancing to limit the spread of Coronavirus and maintain the health and safety of the entire individuals of the society.

Meanwhile, t0he ministry of Health announced new statistics of the Coronavirus latest developments, in the last 24-hour, including detecting 1,157 confirmed cases against 987 recoveries, while the active cases rose to 9,130 among them 1,334 critical conditions.

The overall statistics of infections, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stood at 442,071 against a tally of recoveries at 425,677.

On the other hand, as many as 15 deaths were reported, raising the fatalities toll to 7,264.