Saudi G20 Presidency led the way to shape a better world

Saudi Arabia has the youngest population in the G20 and it is a country undertaking a huge economic and social transformation for its people.

In general a desire for action and progress under its Presidency; the Kingdom aims to Realize Opportunities of the 21st Century for All.

Working with G20 countries, international partners, civil society, businesses and communities around the world; the Saudi Presidency will lay the foundations to shaping a better world.

In order to ensure the world is better prepared for future pandemics, the Saudi G20 Presidency and G20 members have dedication towards fostering conservation and sustainability and protecting our natural resources.

The G20 countries are promoting a cleaner; smarter and more sustainable approach for the energy industry, securing the food and water supply, jobs and the future of vulnerable groups.

Under the Saudi G20 Presidency, G20 members are also working towards promoting access to financial opportunities; for all by agreeing on ways to finance sustainable development goals.

In general the Saudi G20 Presidency believes in a better future if the world works together to promote a recovery focus on people and on our planet. The G20 is promoting the access to opportunities for all; especially women and youth, and building a future that protects our land, our oceans, our natural resources.

Better future

The leaders of the G20 came together to give hope; in order to agree on a way forward that ensures we protect the people and build a better future.

In detail the economic recovery plan is a target on the G20 action plan based on protecting lives; safeguarding people’s jobs and incomes; restoring confidence, preserving financial stability; reviving growth and recovering stronger; minimizing disruptions to global supply chains; providing help to all countries in need of assistance; and coordinating on public health and financial measures.

As a matter of fact a promoter of sustainability, equality, inclusiveness, fair-rules economy and as an action-oriented leader, the Saudi Leadership aims to be remembered as a contributor for shaping a better world.

Othman Almoamar; chair of the Youth 20 Engagement Group, held a media briefing during the G20 Riyadh Summit Week on You(th) Matter: The Most Important Resource of the 21st Century in the International Media Center.