Saudi envoy denounces foreign intervention in Libya

Abdullah Al-Muallami, Saudi Arabia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday avowed its rejection of foreign interference in the Libyan issue in the United Nations, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday January 23rd.

Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Bin Yahya Al-Muallami delivered this rejection during the open debate of the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East and the Palestinian issue.

Al-Muallami said that foreign interference in the Libyan issue led to the movement of extremist fighters to Libya and the violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions, the intensification of the military escalation, the prolongation of the conflict and the deepening of suffering of the brotherly Libyan people.

Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its position of supporting the Libyan people and respecting their will, and standing at an equal distance from all Libyan parties, calling on all parties to exercise self-restraint and give priority to the supreme interest, and to preserve the territorial integrity and protect it from external interference, as well as support the United Nations efforts aiming to stop the conflict and resolve the crisis through dialogue and diplomatic solutions.

The Ambassador pointed out that the Kingdom has been and still is calling for the utmost restraint, calm and dialogue regarding the various conflicts, and stresses that the current tension in the region can only be solved through dialogue, and that the recent attacks in brotherly Iraq and Iran’s continued violation of Iraqi sovereignty constitutes a dangerous escalation that may lead to unimaginable consequences.

He expressed Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of these attacks and its condemnation of Iran’s violations of Iraqi sovereignty, reiterating the call for the need for restraint by all parties and keenness not to escalate to maintain security and stability in brotherly Iraq and the Gulf region.

Al-Muallami stressed that the international community must fulfill its responsibilities to take the necessary measures to ensure security in this vital region for the whole world and its stability, and deterring the provocations and sabotage operations carried out by Iran in this region.