Saudi Education Minister: We are committed to UNESCO 2030 agenda

Saudi Minister of Education Hamad Al-Asheikh participated in the seventh meeting of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Development Goals for Education 2030, held at the headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris, State-run news agency SPA has reported.

In his speech, Al-Asheikh stressed that Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region are committed to the fourth objective of the UNESCO 2030 agenda, and to the top priority policies in the Arab regions. 

These policies included: Ensuring equitable and comprehensive provision of quality education for displaced and affected people, improving the quality of teaching and learning, increasing funding for education and innovating its use.

Al-Asheikh  said that Saudi Arabia is working on these three priorities, and that “we are focusing our efforts on the second policy priority related to the quality of teaching and learning, as a result, we have made significant reforms in the educational policy related to curriculum, assessment and professional development of teachers, with an ongoing focus on learning outcomes at all levels.”

He ensured that education will be a top priority in the agenda of the G20 summit that will be hosted by the Kingdom in 2020.