Saudi Defenses Destroy Houthi Ballistic Missile, 10 Armed Drones

US condemns Houthi attacks targeting southern region of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi-led Arab coalition announced on Sunday that Saudi defenses shot down three drones and a ballistic missile fired by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen towards Khamis Mushait city.

They also destroyed a drone aimed at Najran city.

On Saturday, the coalition said it had intercepted and downed two armed drones fired by the militias; towards southern regions of the Kingdom.

It also destroyed a similar aircraft aimed at Najran.

On Wednesday, the coalition downed five armed Houthi drones targeting Jazan and the southern region.

It also slammed the Houthis for their persistent attempts to deliberately target civilians and civilian locations; stressing that it was taking the necessary operational measures to protect them and confront imminent threats.

It also added that the efficiency of Saudi defenses has foiled all hostile attacks against the Kingdom.