Saudi Customs welcome first arrivals from Qatar at Salwa Port

The Saudi Customs (SC), at Salwa Port welcomed a number of arrivals, coming from Qatar; after completing all customs procedures; according to the health procedures followed in all ports.

The SC had started working immediately, following the announcement of the agreement to open the airspace, land; sea and air ports between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar; to equip Salwa port with all technical and operational aspects, in cooperation with all government agencies; to ensure that port meets all requirements to provide distinguished services to all travelers.

The Saudi News Channel Al Ekhbariya broadcast on its Twitter account a video of the arrival of the first Qatari; also coming through the Salwa land port, amid welcome measures by the Saudi authorities.

First cross after reconciliation

The first Qatari citizen to cross the Salwa crossing expressed also his happiness to return again to his second country; especially when he found cheerful welcome in the faces of the Kingdom citizens. He told the Al-Ekhbariya channel, that the entry procedures were good and easy; and everyone welcomed our arrival; which filled our hearts.

A COVID-19 health center in Saudi Arabia was also established at the Salwa border crossing with Qatar on Friday; Al-Arabiya TV reported. Multiple Qatari cars were preparing to cross the border, an Al-Arabiya correspondent said, following the reopening of the Salwa port. The first Qatari car also entered the port on Saturday afternoon.

Coronavirus test

Those entering Saudi Arabia also must take a coronavirus test and isolate themselves for three days, Al Arabiya reported. Medical teams will also be available at the Salwa border crossing in order to test those arriving from Qatar; and people entering the border will then have to sign a commitment to adhere to home quarantine measures.

And the Qatari government communication office announced that the opening of the land, air and sea borders; with Saudi Arabia would be subject to the precautionary measures; in force in the State of Qatar in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

AlUla’s Arab Reunion

A reconciliation between the four countries and Qatar took place at a summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council held last Tuesday in AlUla; and the four countries announced the lifting of travel restrictions.