Saudi Cultural Exhibition at UNESCO’s HQ in Paris

Saudi Cultural exhibition at UNESCO’s HQ in Paris

Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Farhan opened the Saudi cultural exhibition at UNESCO’s HQ in Paris, France.

With the aim of promoting international cultural exchange, protecting and transmitting heritage and developing the cultural environment, the Saudi Cultural Exhibition was established in the main square of UNESCO in Paris.

 Three main cultural bodies: Saudi Ministry of Culture, The Royal Commission for Al-Ula and Misk Institute of Arts participate in Saudi Cultural Exhibition.

The exhibition is held on the occasion of the International Forum of Ministers of Culture currently held at UNESCO and is attended by about 100 cultural ministers who were invited to visit the exhibition.

An archive photo of culture ministers of Saudi Arabia and UAE, Prince Badr bin Farhan and Noura Al Kaabi

“This is a real opportunity provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to talk about culture and encourage dialogue,” said Noura Al Kaabi, UAE’s Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development.

A journey through the history of Saudi Arabia

Pieces of Saudi Arabia’s heritage art, Al-Mangour

The Saudi Cultural exhibition presents a journey through Saudi Arabia’s cultural history, present and future.

The exhibition presents examples of the ancestral industry, such as these pieces of Al-Mangour, which were brought from Jeddah, and other different windows inspired by Saudi architecture.

Saudi Artist Ahmed Sami Ankawi working on a piece of Al-Mangour

The Saudi artist Ahmed Sami Ankawi, a participant who presented models of the Saudi heritage, talks about these arts and explains how he revived this heritage in modern ways.

Saudi Pieces of art

The Saudi Cultural exhibition also displays sculptures and artifacts representing different parts of Saudi Arabia, as well as paintings of light and food preservation boxes similar to the stained glass found in mosques.

Visitors will attend musical performances over the next two days, and see a collection of photographs of Saudi Arabia’s history, present and future vision as well.