Saudi Crown Prince Vision 2030 was ‘talk of the planet’, French Senator

Saudi Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 was 'talk of the planet', says French Senator

Nathalie Goullier, a member of the French Senate, said the Saudi Vision 2030 was “the talk of the planet” when it was announced by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman in April 2016.

“There is a great similarity to the point of cloning between the French Vision 2030; recently announced by French President Emmanuel Macron; and the Saudi Vision 2030 adopted by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman,” she said.

“The choice of 2030 between the two visions matches the depth of Saudi-French relations and the convergence of views on future phases. It is really astonishing that the French vision is similar in its details in the same sectors; targeted to focus on technology and promoting new investments; and the slogan is also quite similar,” she pointed out.

Vision 2030… the talk of the planet

The French parliamentarian also stated that the Saudi Vision 2030; announced in April 2016 by Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, was “the talk of the planet.”

She attributed this to the data and indications that the Vision bears that the Kingdom; a rich oil-producing country; is on the verge of a radical transformation away from dependence on basic oil sources; but by relying on promoting development in the local economy and the human power.

Gaullier stressed that the whole world is seeing the amazing positive reflection on the Kingdom’s social, economic and political life in recent years. “The phases of the Saudi Vision still cover vast areas, with rapid growth that has exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

She also drew attention to the deep similarity between the Saudi Vision 2030 and the French Vision; saying: “I think that the Vision of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is a model; imprinted in the minds of the public relations team of the French president.”

Goullier stated that it is ironic that President Macron was able to choose any year; as a target to achieve the aspirations of his vision; such as 2025, 2035 or 2044 but he insisted on choosing 2030 as Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman did.