Saudi chemistry students win 4 awards

Saudi chemistry students win 4 awards

Saudi students’ achievements continued at international competitions after the Saudi chemistry team achieved four international awards; (three silver medals and a bronze) during the 2021 International Chemistry Olympiads held remotely in Japan.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by King Abdulaziz; and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) and the Ministry of Education, competed with 79 countries.

The Saudi students were among 315 students realized an unprecedented achievement; compared to the results of Saudi students in 2020 when they won four bronze medals.

Following these international achievements, Saudi Arabia increased its awards in international competitions and Olympiads to 453, including 53 achievements; realized this year alone (40 gold, silver and bronze medals and 13 appreciation certificates).

These participations are part of Mawhiba program for international Olympiads; held with a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education that provides enough time to students to attend training camps throughout the year.

This program is one of 20 programs and initiatives that comprise advanced and enriched curricula in the fields of science; engineering and health that Mawhiba offers to gifted students annually in a journey that takes gifted students through different stages that discover their tendencies and enhance them before investing these capabilities with local and international partners.

The International Chemistry Olympiads is also an annual international competition for high school students; held at the end of the academic year over 10 days; with the aim of enhancing relations and cooperation among students and exchanging educational and scientific expertise among various countries.