Saudi Cabinet hails Security Council’s Condemnation of Houthi Attacks

King Salman chairs a cabinet meeting held via video-conference. (SPA)

Saudi cabinet hailed on Tuesday the UN Security Council’s condemnation of the attacks launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen against the Kingdom.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz chaired the government meeting, which held via video-conference due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The ministers discussed a recent report by UN chief Antonio Guterres that found Iran complicit in rocket attacks that targeted Saudi Arabia in 2019. They reiterated Riyadh’s call on the international community to take a firm stance on Iran and necessary measures. This is to ensure that the arms embargo against it continues.

The international community must seriously tackle Tehran’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs, they demanded. While stressing that the Kingdom is keen on the security of the region and that it will not allow any violation of its border or attack against its national security. It is also keen on ensuring the safety of water lanes and the global economy against the dangers of Iran’s hostile behavior.

The cabinet welcomed the Security Council’s condemnation of the Houthi drone and ballistic missile attacks against Saudi Arabia and its demand for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Yemen and implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

Fourth donors conference

On Syria, the cabinet reiterated the Kingdom’s position at the fourth donors conference on the war-torn country. Riyadh stressed before the Brussels meeting that the political solution was the only way to resolve the Syrian conflict. It must be based on Security Council resolution 2254 and the Geneva talks. It also warned that the Iranian regional agenda was still a major threat to Syria’s future and identity. While underlining the need to combat all forms of terrorist groups.

The cabinet also tackled the ninth Arab-China States Cooperation Forum, highlighting its rejection of Israel’s plans to annex any parts of occupied Palestinian territories and call on Iran to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors. Saudi Arabia had underscored at the event the territorial unity of Arab countries and condemned regional meddling in their affairs. The Kingdom will host the next Arab-China States Cooperation Forum.

Moreover, the Saudi cabinet slammed the human rights violations committed against the Rohingya Muslims. Besides, the difficulties relief efforts are encountering in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. The Kingdom stands by the Rohingya cause, it declared, viewing it as a priority for humanitarian work. It called on the Myanmar government to allow aid to reach those in need. Besides, cooperating with UN agencies and partners to that end.

On the coronavirus pandemic, the Saudi cabinet discussed the latest local and international developments related to the outbreak. The ministers reviewed local efforts to ensure the safety and health of citizens and residents. They also noted that the Kingdom was among the top in the world in terms of recovery rate.