Saudi Aramco to launch the first hydrogen plant in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco to launch the first hydrogen plant in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco, in cooperation with Air Products, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial gases, will launch, on Tuesday, the first hydrogen fuel station in Saudi Arabia to fill hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at Air Products headquarters in Dhahran Techno Valley.

Saudi Aramco said the inauguration of the country’s first hydrogen fuel station to supply hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is aimed at boosting the application of technology in Saudi Aramco’s operations and keeping pace with the latest energy production, distribution and consumption technologies.

The agreement provides that Air Products provides technical knowledge and expertise in the field of hydrogen, while Saudi Aramco provides industrial experience, facilities, and its research and development capabilities. The partners are also to establish a pilot fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to be supplied with high-purity compressed hydrogen in the new and first-of-kind hydrogen fuel station in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the new technology “Smart Fuel” of fueling hydrogen, owned by Air Products, will be introduced in the new station to supply the experimental fleet with compressed hydrogen cells.

The objective of this step is to collect and analyze data during the pilot period in this project to assess the future applications of this emerging transport technology in Saudi Arabia.

“Hydrogen fuel cells provide an efficient vehicle for electric vehicles, with the ease of refueling within 5 minutes with smooth driving for long distances,” said Ahmad Al-Khuwaiter, chief technical officer of Saudi Aramco in a previous statement.

Al-Khuwaiter added, “The use of hydrogen derived from crude oil or gas to operate fuel-cell electric cars represents an opportunity to expand the use of crude oil in clean transport”.

For his part, dr. Sameer Sarhan, Executive Vice President, Air Products, said, “We are honored to work with Saudi Aramco in another project to establish and develop a sustainable system to supply the hydrocarbon-derived hydrogen experimental fleet in Saudi Arabia. This project further demonstrates our commitment to the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030”.

The hydrogen refueling station will be built at Air Products’ global standard technology center at the Science Park at Dhahran Techno Valley.

Toyota Motor Corporation will provide Toyota’s fuel-efficient Mirai cars for testing in the pilot phase. Toyota Motor Corporation has been investing in hydrogen for more than 20 years, and for the first time in large quantities in 2014 it launched the Mirai, its first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

The vehicle is characterized by compressed hydrogen gas, with no emissions except water. It works through fuel cells that produce electricity by mixing oxygen extracted from the air and hydrogen from the fuel tank. Toyota confirms that hydrogen fuel cell technology can provide a sustainable solution without any emissions through a wide range of vehicles.