Saudi ARAMCO Signs Agreement with Advanced Electronics Company

Amin H. Nasser, president and CEO of Saudi Aramco speaks during inauguration of IKTVA Forum and Exhibition 2020 at Dhahran Expo Center, in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, February 24, 2020.

Saudi ARAMCO and the Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) signed an agreement for the joint development and manufacturing of the data diode, the first-of-its-kind cybersecurity device in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It was on the sidelines of the 5th edition of the In-Kingdom Total Value Add Program for the Supply Sector (IKTVA); organized at the Dhahran International Exhibition Center (Dhahran Expo) in Khobar on 24-25 February 2020.

The data diode is an important cybersecurity tool to protect networks of vital establishments from cyber-attacks and prevent any external penetration, thereby protecting valuable information and sensitive industrial systems.

The device also features an easy installation, configuration, and maintenance, and its data processing speed reaches 10 GB per second.

Localizing advanced technologies

On this occasion, Saudi ARAMCO Vice President of Information Technology Eng. Youssef Al-Olayan said: “The fact that this device is being developed and manufactured locally. Saudi ARAMCO is registering two patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office; a major transformation in the field of cybersecurity. Collaboration between Saudi ARAMCO and AEC is a great step towards localizing advanced technologies to meet the needs of local and global markets”.

Eng. Al-Olayan described IKTVA as one of the most prominent Saudi ARAMCO initiatives. It also helps driving the localization of industries and services and the enhancement of local content.

Under the umbrella of IKTVA, the announcement of the launch of the local product is a fulfilment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s key objectives; to localize technologies and achieve self-sufficiency, in addition to building a solid foundation for future cooperation between companies locally.

AEC CEO Abdulaziz Al-Duailej said: “This agreement also expresses the depth of cooperative relations between both companies; by achieving national accomplishments that help protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s assets from sabotage, cybersecurity threats, and foreign attacks”.

Al-Duailej also added that the data diode ensures the safe transmission of data. This is to provide the highest levels of security for enterprise networks.

He also noted that local talents developed and manufactured it; one of AEC’s strategic objectives in the field of cybersecurity to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Best cybersecurity system

The company works through the security business unit to provide the best cybersecurity systems. Besides, solutions for government sectors and private companies.

Organized by Saudi ARAMCO, IKTVA hosts local and international energy supply chain companies, including AEC. It attracts influential executives and global industry leaders.

AEC is one of the leading local companies in designing cybersecurity solutions and enterprise security solutions; it also helps clients respond to attacks and protect their material resources.

The company also offers solutions in four main sectors: defence and aerospace, communications and information technology, energy, and security.