Saudi Arabia’s “Winter at Tantora” Festival to Launch Its 2nd Edition in Dec. 19, 2019

Saudi Arabia's Winter at Tantora Festival to Launch Its 2nd Edition in Dec. 192019

“Winter at Tantora 2019” International Festival will be launched in its 2nd version after its first successful debut in 2018, it was reported here today.

The festival will celebrate the arts, culture, heritage and history in the historic area of Al-Ula, as its events will start as of 19 December 2019 and last on the 7th of March 2020. The festival invites lovers of arts and culture from around the world to enjoy a range of performances, events, cultural, artistic and heritage experiences within the atmosphere of the historical “Al-Ula Governorate”, which embraces the “Al Hijr” site or what is known as “Madaen Saleh”, the first Saudi site registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

This year’s season will include the participation of international artists who will hit the stage on the distinctive Maraya theater by performing different styles of arts, including artist Enrique Iglesias on February 21; the international artist Lionel Ritchie on February 28, who confirmed in a statement that it will be his first visit to the Kingdom which he considers an exceptional opportunity and experience, in addition to artist Omar Khairat and the artist Yani who make their show up in the event.