Saudi Arabia’s Stock Market index closes high at 6326.92 points

Saudi Arabia's Stock Market index closes high at 6326.92 points

The main Saudi Stock Exchange Index closed the trading up 118.27 points to close, at 6362.92 points, with transactions worth more than SR 2.9 billion.

The number of shares traded reached more than 145 million shares, which were shared by more than 145,000 deals in which the shares of 162 companies registered a rise in their value, while the shares of 23 companies declined.

Umm Al-Qura cement companies, Chub, Al-Yumama cement, Al-Arabiya cement, and Rite shares were the highest, while those of chemical companies, Inayah, Al-Watania, Jaku and Ridan were the lowest in trading, with the rates of rise and fall ranging between 10.00% and 2.98%.

The shares of Al-Rajhi, Saudi Aramco, Sira and Al-Madinah Cement were the most active in quantity.

The Saudi Secondary Index (Nomu) closed the day up 222.85 points to close, at 5511.02 points, with more than SR 7 million traded, in value, and the number of shares traded was 195,000, within 606 transactions.