Saudi Arabia’s Statement on Israeli Prime Minister’s Declaration

Saudi Arabia condemns and rejects the Israeli prime minister’s declaration

The Saudi Royal Court: Saudi Arabia announces condemnation and categorical rejection of the Israeli Prime Minister announced his intention if he won the elections to annex land from the occupied West Bank.

The Saudi Royal Court issued a statement on Wednesday in which Saudi Arabia announces its condemnation and categorical rejection of the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement that he intends, if he wins the forthcoming elections, to annex lands from the occupied West Bank from 1967, and considers that this measure is totally null and void.

According to the statement, Saudi Arabia also affirms that the Israeli Prime Minister’s declaration is considered a very dangerous escalation against the Palestinian people and constitutes a flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law and state norms, considering that this declaration would undermine and reject any efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace since there is no peace without the return of the occupied Palestinian territories, and the Palestinian people enjoy their rights undiminished.

Saudi Arabia also stressed, in the statement, at the same time that Israel’s attempts to impose a fait accompli policy will not obliterate the inalienable and preserved rights of the Palestinian people.

Saudi Arabia calls upon all states and international organizations and bodies to condemn and reject this declaration and consider any action resulting therefrom shall be considered null and void and shall have no legal effects on the historical and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

The statement also mentioned that Saudi Arabia, while condemning and rejecting this declaration, affirms that the Arab and Muslim worlds preoccupation with many local and regional crises will not affect the status of the question of Palestine among Arab and Muslim countries and governments, and will in no way discourage the Arab nation, from confronting the unilateral actions taken by Israel and the constant attempts to change the facts of history and geography and violate legitimate Palestinian rights.

An archive photo of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC

At the request of Saudi Arabia, OIC will hold an emergency meeting next Sunday to discuss the Israeli escalation.

In light of this, Saudi Arabia calls for an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the level of foreign ministers to discuss this issue and develop an urgent plan of action and the required revision of attitudes towards Israel in order to confront this declaration, address it, and take the necessary action.

Many Arab countries welcomed this call and the Bahraini Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that this invitation embodies the leading strategic role played by Saudi Arabia under the leadership of King Salman at the regional and international levels.

Bahrain pointed out that this call embodies Saudi Arabia‘s active role in defending Arab and Islamic issues, especially the question of Palestine, its concern for a just and comprehensive peace in the region and consolidating collective action against the challenges facing the entire international community.