Saudi Arabia’s Region of Asir Considered First Tourist Destination for Its Nature and Heritage

Saudi Arabia's Region of Asir Considered First Tourist Destination for Its Nature and Heritage

Located in the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Asir Region has achieved a high level of growth and succeeded in implementing the development plans, under the directives of the Kingdom’s leadership that aim at making Asir Region lives up to the expectations of the Saudi people.

Asir Region is blessed with attractive nature and weather, making the region a major destination for national and international visitors throughout the year. In light of its nature and tourist attractions, Asir Region started developing the concept of tourism industry four centuries ago.

In this report, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) highlights the tourism development process in Asir Region as well as the various tourist sites, which are characterized by a wonderful nature and weather. When visitors arrive in Asir Region during summer season, they do not miss spending time at famous parks such as Al-Saudah, Al-Fara’a, Dalgan, Al-Habla, Al-Jara, Al-Sahab, Tamniah, Abu Khayal, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Park, Hadabat Al-Arous, Al-Namas Parks, Tanomah, Ahad Rafidah, Al-Wadeen, Khamis Mushait, and Bllahmer, Ballasmer and Rijal Almaa forests, and other natural sites scattered along Asir Region. As a fact, Asir Region is known for its unique heritage, valleys and forests. The region has long-standing ruins spanning thousands of years, such as Jorash, Tabalah, Al-Abla, Darb Al-Feel and other famous archaeological sites.

Compared with other regions of the Kingdom, Asir Region is distinguished with its rainy spring weather during summer season. The temperature in August does not exceed 25°C. The Region has natural high mountains, and enjoys great services provided by the Saudi Government. The Region has advanced infrastructure and large tourist facilities. The visitors have a wide range of places to visit in the Region with affordable prices.