Saudi Arabia’s Ports Achieve 6% Increase in Transshipment during December 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Ports Authority announce increase in exported and imported containers

Saudi Arabia’s ports, being supervised by the Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI), achieved an increase in the total number of transshipment during December 2020, a total of 631,000 containers, marking an increase of 6%, compared to the same period of the previous year, while the total amount of cargo reached 26,000,000, coming on board 1,032 ships.

According to the statistical index issued by MAWANI, Saudi Arabia’s ports achieved an increase in the total number of livestock; more than 173,000 heads, marking an increase of 18%. The number of imported vehicles reached 89,000, while the number of passengers reached 48,000.

MAWANI seeks to transfer the Saudi ports into world’s leading ports according to the best international practices; through raising the ports’ digital efficiency and achieving competitive services in operation and handling.

MAWANI also seeks to contribute to stimulating the logistics industry in line with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious development objectives.