Saudi Arabia’s optometrist female helps blind people in Nigeria return to normal life

Saudi Arabia’s optometrist Nouf Al Balawi helped 70 blind persons to retain their eyesight after longtime of suffering, under the gaudiness of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief).

The KSRelief launched a Humanitarian program in Nigeria and number of needy countries to help blind people regaining their eyesight as well as fighting poverty and illness since mid of 2021.

Al Balawi was part of KSrelief’s commission as she welcomed 70 cases suffer from blindness and eyes disease as she did their best in investigating them ahead of undergoing surgery to return to normal life.

The Saudi female helped 70 Nigerians who were close to losing their eyesight due to cataract as she led the medical surgeries that allowed the patients to return to normal life again.