Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Environment Announces Establishment of National Grains Company

Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) and Chairman of Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) Board of Directors Eng. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al-Fadhli has patronized the establishment of the National Grains Company through a strategic partnership between SALIC and the National Shipping Carrier of Saudi Arabia (Bahri).

The total cost of this partnership in its first phase is estimated at SR 412,000,000, and it seeks to meet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s future needs for main grains.

The establishment of the partnership between SALIC and Bahri and the announcement of the name “National Grains Company” have taken place at the headquarters of MEWA in the presence of a number of officials.

This partnership is focused on trade, handling and storage of grains among their sources in all regions. It also aims to contribute to the process of import, transportation, distribution and storage.

The project will start with a capacity of about 3,000,000 tons annually, gradually increasing to 5,000,000 tons. The new terminal, which will be built according to the highest international standards, will enable rapid handling of grains and fodder by providing the terminal’s logistic services to all importers.

Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture said that this partnership comes within the framework of implementing SALIC strategy to contribute to achieving food security in Saudi Arabia, within the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

It will also contribute to the provision of basic food products and price stability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he added.