Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief Conducts 15 Open-heart Surgeries in Khartoum


The voluntary medical team of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) conducted in Khartoum, on Monday, up to 15 surgical operations.

These include two open-heart surgeries for adults and 13 heart catheterization operations.

The campaign, by the Riyadh-based center, aims to treat patients with heart diseases and to provide them with the necessary medical care.

This also comes as an extension to the humanitarian efforts exerted by Saudi Arabia in a number of countries in need without discrimination.

Also in Bangladesh, KSrelief’s voluntary medical campaign to combat blindness and diseases conducted 173 surgeries on its 3rd day, reaching to 331 operations in three days.

The campaign undergoes the agreement signed by the Center with the International Sight Foundation.