Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Library Holds Seminar on Arab-Chinese Cultural Relations

King Abdulaziz Library

King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh held a virtual symposium entitled Arab-Chinese Cultural Relations, with participation of Chinese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chen Weiqing.

The symposium discussed prospects of Arab-Chinese relations, their effects on dialogue and harmony between Arab and Chinese peoples and the role of awards in the Arab-Chinese and global cultural and knowledge convergence.

The Ambassador said that relations are close between the Arab and Chinese nations and there are commonalities between the two cultures and we have to continue to discuss ways of cooperation between the Arab and Chinese cultures and work to enhance cooperation, especially in the fields of culture, civilization, and youth.

On international awards such as King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation and Prince Mohammed bin Salman Award for Arab-Chinese Cultural Cooperation, the Chinese ambassador said that culture is a phenomenon with a great human product that contains the values of life and the controls of culture arts, science and technology that can be disseminated, and our culture and the cultures of others must be respected. He added that thanks to the diversity of cultures and civilizations, the world is great, and it is useful to improve cooperation, understanding and cultural exchange.

The Ambassador pointed out that since 30 years ago and until now, the Saudi-Chinese relations are proceeding effectively culturally, educationally, economically and politically, as HRH Crown Prince announced the establishment of his award in March 2019, which represents an interest by the Kingdom for cultural cooperation. He added that we welcome the award and we hope that it will contribute to cultural studies between China and the Kingdom and the translation of works in the field of art, literature and knowledge.