Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province municipalities conduct inspection and disinfection

A worker disinfects a window along the banks of the Vltava River in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus in Prague on April 1. (Getty Images)

Over 750 inspection tours have been carried out to follow up on health measures and ensure that preventive steps are adhered to at Eastern Province markets; commercial centers and locations with commercial activity, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Eastern Province Municipality conducted the inspection tours with four joint groups; formed with members of relevant authorities, as a result it levied 101 fines for non-compliance with health measures linked to COVID-19 in markets and commercial centers.

There were 28 violations for overcrowding in supermarkets. Two violations for overcrowding in labor accommodation were also reported.

The municipality also carried out sterilization and disinfection activities at 840 sites in the region, using 147,575 liters of disinfectant and the participation of 476 workers from the environmental sanitation department.

Moreover; It removed 7,508 tons of waste and 3,723 cubic meters of rubble and waste; with the participation of 8,894 workers.

The Eastern Province Municipality said that the monitoring and sanitization work would continue; in order to preserve public safety. It called on people to report any observations or complaints regarding municipal services by calling the Communications Center 940; or using official social platforms accounts.