Saudi Arabia’s distance education during pademic a success story, says UN official

Saudi Arabia achieved great success in conducting distance education during the coronavirus pandemic; and it was able to continue the educational process of more than six million students without interruption, said Natalie Faustia; the United Nations Resident Coordinator in the Kingdom.

She also noted the development of interactive tools and solutions such as Madrasati platform and the availability of 23 educational channels; and an online channel on YouTube to improve the quality of remote learning.

Speaking on the occasion of World Education Day; Natalie said that Saudi Arabia’s shift to distance education within hours of the suspension of studies represents a distinguished success story; calling for studying and documenting the experience gained by the Kingdom in remote learning, the elements that made it successful; despite the pandemic circumstances; and how to continue promoting these new methods.

She added that the United Nations in the Kingdom is very happy to notice satellite channels free of charge for classrooms; including three special channels for students with disabilities; as disability inclusion is a major focus of the UN at the global level.

She also indicated that the Saudi government has made the country and its youth able to compete in the national; regional and global labor markets, by emphasizing the importance of education.