Saudi Arabia’s Digital Government Authority approves first regulatory framework

The Saudi Board of Directors of the Digital Government Authority (DGA) approved the regulatory framework of the digital government.

The Saudi Board of Directors of the Digital Government Authority (DGA) approved the regulatory framework of the digital government.

DGA aims to regulate and improve digital government work and services, in accordance with the highest international standards and practices. Besides, enabling public agencies to work harmoniously to offer proactive and highly efficient digital government services.

DGA’s Governor Ahmed al-Soyyan; said that the regulatory framework developed for the digital government will help develop future regulations for the digital government. The framework includes a set of principles, policies, standards and user guides.

He added that the DGA is seeking to issue regulations, policies, and standards that contribute to creating a regulatory environment; which enables reaching advanced levels of maturity in the government digital transformation, unify and institutionalize the concept of government policies and standards.

They also provide recommendations to government agencies during implementation. Besides, ensuring the adoption of unified tracks for the development of government digital services.

Eight essential principles

The framework is based on eight essential principles, including the “once-only principle”, the “digital by design”, and the “mobile first”.

In addition, it encompasses the Digital Government Policy, which enables and accelerates the sustainable digital transformation of the government sector and enables the successful implementation of the strategic directions of the digital government.

The Digital Government Policy is supported by five sub-policies, including digital governance, the whole of government as platforms, digital services lifecycle administration and upskilling, beneficiary-centric, and technology.

Each sub-policy includes several standards and user guides that support the implementation mechanism and contribute to enhancing the regulatory environment.

The DGA has developed the “Draft of Digital Government Policy”; based on the regulatory framework of the digital government.

The draft has been published through the “Istitlaa” platform to raise awareness and seek the feedback of all beneficiaries, including professionals and others; interested in the government digital transformation.

The DGA regulated the digital government works, digital trust, and identity, and is the national reference in this regard.

The Authority aims to support the efforts of the government agencies through developing plans, programs, indexes and measurements related to the works of digital government and integrated digital government services, as well as the government digital market platform.

DGA is also responsible for regulating operational, administrational processes, related projects and monitor compliance.