Saudi Arabia’s Canoe and Kayak Federation Board of Directors Holds First Constituting Meeting

The board of directors of the Saudi Canoe and Kayak Federation has held its first constituting meeting under the chairmanship of Abdulaziz Al-Sweiket.

During the meeting, Al-Sweiket stressed that the federation aspires to develop and support this sport and fans, especially that there are hundreds of people who practice it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the federation will be keen on enhancing investment opportunities, supporting tourism and amateurs, focusing on finding professional amateurs and targeting foreign participations and hosting international tournaments. He also said that the federation seeks to stimulate and develop the sport at the local and international levels, as well as at the tourist and economic levels, and create investment opportunities and enhance them through the canoe and kayak sport.

It is worth mentioning that the canoe and kayak sport first started in the mid-19th century in 1866 upon the establishment of the Royal British Club for Canoe and establishing the International Canoe Federation in Zurich in 1924. The sport is among the Olympic games.