Saudi Arabia will continue its efforts to stop Israeli attacks, Cabinet affirms

Saudi Cabinet reviews the efforts made by state agencies

Saudi Arabia will continue its efforts at all levels to stop the Israeli measures and attacks, affirmed the Kingdom’s Cabinet during its regular meeting on Tuesday.

During the virtual meeting chaired by King Salman, the Cabinet stressed that the Kingdom will communicate with the concerned parties to exert pressure on the Israeli government and find a just settlement for the Palestinian issue in a way that achieves the aspirations of the Palestinian people to have an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

At the outset of the session, the Cabinet was briefed on the contents of consultations and talks that took place during the past days between Saudi Arabia and its allies. The talks dealt with regional and international relations and developments, with emphasis on standing with the international community in all that serves the security of the world and the restoration of peace.

Supporting the Sudanese Transition

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Acting Minister of Media Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi stated that the Cabinet expressed the Kingdom’s support for the efforts aimed at preserving the security, stability; and well-being of Sudan and its people.

In this regard, the Cabinet welcomed the fruitful outcomes of the International Conference to support the Sudanese Transition. During the Conference; the Kingdom provided a grant to cover part of the financing gap for Sudan with the International Monetary Fund. Besides, transfering its balance in the emergency accounts and deferred fees at the Fund to deal with arrears and reduce the burden of debt.

The Cabinet renewed the Kingdom’s affirmation during the Summit on Financing African Economies; held in Paris. This is in terms of its continuing pioneering role in promoting development and investment in African countries; and its support for international and regional efforts to lay the foundations for security, stability, conflict resolution.

Moreover, the Kingdom is to provide support to the Sahel and Saharan countries to develop security capabilities. This is in order to combat extremism and terrorist groups. Besides, helping the African countries come out of the debt spiral; and enabling these countries to make the most of their revenues and capabilities.

Al-Qasabi also said that the Cabinet followed the COVID-19 pandemic developments regionally and internationally and the efforts made. So, the curve of confirmed cases in the Kingdom returns to the lowest point; pointing out that the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered throughout the Kingdom reached 13 million. He stressed the importance of continue adhering to precautionary measures.

The Cabinet also reviewed a number of topics on its agenda, including some co-studied by the Shoura Council.