Saudi Arabia Unveils summer’s Most Famous Tourist Sites

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abounds with natural ingredients along its vast area that varies between coasts extending on the Red Sea in the west and the Arabian Gulf in the east, which includes hundreds of islands, green mountains in the southwestern regions, agricultural oases in Al-Ahsa and forests in Asir and Al-Baha.

The regions of the Kingdom are characterized by a cultural heritage for thousands of years, which extends in sites recorded in the UNESCO world heritage, the most prominent of which are the historic Diriyah, the Hail Heritage Jubbah, the historical Jeddah, and the Al-Ahsa Oasis.

The Saudi Tourism Authority launched the “Summer of Saudi Arabia” season titled “Tanaffus” or “Breathing” from June 25 to September 30, 2020; Visitors can enjoy the enchanting nature, climate diversity, historical depth and authentic Saudi culture in ten tourist destinations.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working through the Ministry of Tourism and the Saudi Tourism Authority to form the national tourism vision that accompanies the goals of Saudi vision 2030, where in the coming years we will witness a major shift in the tourism industry, enhanced by the availability of a specific infrastructure covering all regions, and natural diversity and historical treasures will have a presence in shaping National tourist painting, competition regionally and internationally.

Riyadh, the Capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, combines heritage with contemporary modern life and embraces Saudi Arabia’s historic roots development.

Diriyah represents the culture and heritage heart of Riyadh, which consists of several districts, including, Al-Bujairi and Al-Turaif. These two districts were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010, as the region has beautiful architecture.