Saudi Arabia Underscores its Ability to Fight Coronavirus

Saudi King Issues Royal Decrees on Appointments

The Saudi cabinet underlined on Tuesday the Kingdom’s ability to confront the novel coronavirus. Besides, its impact on its society and economy.

Holding a virtual meeting; the cabinet reviewed the orders issued to contain the outbreak and efforts exerted by the state in implementing them.

The ministers hailed the state for providing additional resources and necessary support that ensures the continuity of the public sector in service of the citizens and residents and in supporting the private sector and economic activities. It also lauded its measures to ensure that food and medicine supplies are available.

The cabinet praised King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s Royal Decree; in which he offered to cover the medical expenses of all coronavirus patients in the Kingdom.

King Salman thanked all public and private sector agencies and workers, medical staff, security forces and volunteers for their efforts and sacrifices in combating the coronavirus. He also expressed his gratitude to the citizens and residents for their response and commitment to respecting the preventative measures.

The cabinet underscored King Salman’s speech before the virtual G20 summit last week; it was hosted by Riyadh and aimed at addressing the coronavirus’ impact on the global economy.

On regional developments; the cabinet renewed Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of the Iran-backed Houthi militias’ firing of ballistic missiles towards civilian targets in the Kingdom. It slammed the militias for launching the attack while the world was focusing its efforts on combating the coronavirus.