Saudi Arabia to host ‘Saudi Green Initiative Forum and Middle East Green Initiative Summit’ in October

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Saudi Arabia will host the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative and Middle East Green Initiative events in Riyadh on 23-25 October 2021 within Driving forward the Kingdom’s leading role; in preserving the planet and supporting the efforts of the international community; in combatting environmental challenges.

Announced by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March of this year; also these two initiatives have been met with international acclaim.

These critical events reinforce the Kingdom’s commitment to making a sustainable global impact in the face of climate change and will enhance its work to protect the environment and the planet at-large. Focused on advancing towards the achievement of global targets; the events will also help catalyze climate action; in a regionally and also internationally coordinated manner.

The Saudi Green Initiative Forum and Middle East Green Initiative Summit will bring together heads of state; public officials, business leaders, academic pioneers; environmental specialists; and civil society.

The Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) and the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI) aim to collectively plant 50 billion trees as well as propel the region towards achieving more than 10% of global carbon emissions reduction targets. The Kingdom’s hosting of these two critical occasions reflects its ambition to advance global efforts in combating climate change and strengthen its regional and global role; in overcoming even the most pressing environmental challenges. The initiatives will further the Kingdom’s plan; in order to ensure a bright future; for our planet and safeguard the health and safety of mankind across the world.