Saudi Arabia takes part in international exercise ConvEx-3 with International Atomic Energy Agency

Saudi Arabia has participated in the international exercise ConvEx-3 organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency for the hypothesis of a severe nuclear emergency.

The accident took place at the UAE’s Barakah nuclear plant, assuming the emission of radioactive materials outside the station, with the participation of 76 member states of the Agency, 12 international organizations, and 111 radiometric laboratories in the exercise, which lasted for 36 hours.

This exercise is considered the most complex emergency exercise organized by the Agency in terms of the diversity of procedures, as preparations are made to conduct it every three to five years, and it is implemented within the framework of the two agreements for early notification of a nuclear accident and the provision of assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency, to which the Kingdom joined in the year 1989 AD.

By participating in this exercise, the national system for preparedness and response to nuclear emergencies will be tested, and tools for communication with the International Atomic Energy Agency as well as between the national authorities participating in the exercise, in addition to highlighting the capabilities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s preparations to fully respond to this type of nuclear accident at the international level.