Saudi Arabia Strongly Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Aden

Security personnel inspect the site of an explosion outside Aden international airport in Aden, Yemen, October 30, 2021. (Reuters)

Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the cowardly terrorist bombing that targeted the entrance to international airport in the interim Yemeni capital Aden on Saturday.

The Foreign Ministry said the attack; carried out by “forces of evil”, not only aimed against the legitimate government; but the entire fraternal Yemeni people, who are longing for security, peace, stability and prosperity.

It expressed the Kingdom’s solidarity with Yemen and its people, as it has since day one of their crisis. It called on all parties to continue to implement the Riyadh Agreement to unite ranks; confront terrorism, achieve security and stability and restore their state.

At least six people killed and dozens injured in Saturday’s attack, according to Reuters.