Saudi Arabia Strongly Condemns Lebanese Foreign Minister’s Disgraceful Insults against the kingdom

In reference to Lebanese Foreign Minister in the caretaker government Charbel Wehbe’s disgraceful statements during a television interview last night, in which he insulted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expresses strong condemnation and denunciation of such disgraceful abuses against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its people, and the GCC countries, reiterating that these statements are incompatible with the simplest diplomatic norms and are inconsistent with the historical relations between the two brotherly peoples.

Given the consequences that might ensue as a result of these disgraceful statements on the relations between the two brotherly countries, the Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the Lebanese Republic to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to express the Kingdom’s rejection and denunciation of the insults issued by the Lebanese Foreign Minister, and he was handed an official protest note in this regard.