Saudi Arabia Says Some Virus Cases Registered in Youths with No Chronic Illness

Third Coronavirus-Infected Case Recovered in Saudi Arabia: Health Ministry

Saudi Arabia reported on Saturday 1,197 new coronavirus cases, raising its total to 16,299.

Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Mohammed Abdelali said 115 of the patients are in critical condition, while 166 have recovered, taking the total to 2,215.

Nine fatalities were reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the toll to 136. The majority of the casualties had suffered from chronic illnesses.

Abdelali told a press briefing that some critical cases have been reported in youths who do not suffer from any chronic illness.

“Just days ago, we registered the death of a patient who did not have any health problems,” he revealed.

He underlined the importance of adhering to social distancing and other preventive measures aimed at curbing the outbreak.

Committing to these measures will safeguard society, he stressed, adding that Saudi Arabia was registering a “limited” number of cases compared to other countries.