Saudi Arabia rises 5 places among best competencies-attracting countries

Saudi Arabia’s Capital, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia has moved up five places in the ranking of the best competencies-attracting attractive countries, ranking 29th among 63 countries in the world, after the recent developments and investments in Saudi Arabia.

The evaluation criteria included investment, development and attractiveness of local and foreign talents.

The sixth edition of the global talent rankings, published by the Swiss think-tank MID, yesterday, measures the ability of 63 countries to develop, attract and retain qualified professionals based on three criteria with several indicators.

The first criterion was the “investment and development” factor that assessed the resources actually committed to locally cultivate human capital, “attracting the state to domestic and foreign talents”, and finally, the “readiness” factor quantifies the quality of skills and competencies available in the country.

These criteria are divided by several indicators including quality of life, vocational training system, education curricula, health infrastructure, attention to high-skilled cross-border employment and others.

In this classification, which monitors the movements of brains, competencies and skills in the world, Saudi Arabia globally came in the 28th place as for the “investment and development”, and rose to the 22nd place in the field of “readiness” in the sense of the implementation of vocational training.

The UAE came in 30th place, just after Saudi Arabia, after losing four places last year as a result ranking 53 for the “investment and development” factor that assesses the resources already committed to developing human capital locally and 46 for “the International Student Assessment Program”.

Ranking 53rd in the “Investment and Development” criterion, 62nd in the total “public expenditure on education” criterion, 60th in “the percentage of females of the total labor force” criterion, in addition to ranking 57th in the “pupil-teacher ratio in primary education” criterion.

Strengths in the UAE include the “limited impact of brain drains” ranked first globally as well as the “availability of competent senior managers”.