Saudi Arabia receives over 7,2 million Umrah performers

Saudi Arabia receives over 7,2 million Umrah performers

The Ministry Hajj and Umrah disclosed that the number of Umrah visas issued until 25 Ramadan 1440 H (May. 30, 2019) reached 7,584,424 visas with the number of Umrah performers arriving in the Kingdom being 7,201,851.

Meanwhile, the number of Umrah performers still in the Kingdom is 1,056,618, with 732,559 pilgrims in Makkah and 324,059 in Madinah, and 6,145,233 pilgrims leaving Saudi Arabia after completing Umrah, according to the weekly data.

The weekly data also included the number of Saudi staff within Umrah companies and institutions. They are 10,933 Saudis including 9,060 males and 1,873 females.

Most Umrah performers arrived in the Kingdom via air with a total of 6,386,751 pilgrims while 696,094 entered by land entry point and 119,006 pilgrims arrived via seaports.

According to the Ministry, the highest number of pilgrims of various nationalities, entering the Kingdom are 1,590,731 Pakistanis, 946,962 Indonesians, 643,563 Indians, 535,861 Egyptians, 364,707 Algerians, 334,186 Yemenis, 306,987 Turkish, 274,066 Malaysians, 270,995 Iraqis, and 200,857Jordanians.

The weekly indicator was launched to enable authorities to track the number of pilgrims coming into the Kingdom, and in turn, enrich their experiences by providing high-quality services.