Saudi Arabia Participates in Preparatory Meeting of 2020 UN Ocean Conference

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated yesterday in the preparatory meeting of 2020 United Nations Ocean Conference.

In a speech delivered on this occasion, Prince Mansour bin Thanian, the Director of Development and Environment Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Arabia’s representative at the meeting has stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pays great attention to achieving the sustainable development goal 14th among Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concerned with preserving oceans, seas and marine resources and using them in a sustainable manner, indicating that the sustainable development goals are at the top of Saudi Arabia’s government policy agenda.

In this context, Prince Mansour confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced its participation in 2020 United Nations Ocean Conference to be held in Portugal next June, which will focus on expanding the scope of work on oceans, starting of a new chapter of global actions to preserve the oceans, and finding sustainable solutions based on science and innovation in order to implement the sustainable development Goal 14th among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).