Saudi Arabia participates in MATE international ROV competition’19

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Four Arab countries including Saudi Arabia participate in Saudi Arabia participate in MATE international ROV competition held in America.

Competing more than 85 teams, Egypt from all over the world, Tunisia, UAE and Saudi Arabia participated in the international finals of MATE international ROV competition held in America.

The international finals were held from 20 to 22 June in Tennessee to determine the teams that won the first positions in this global competition.

For the first time, teams from the UAE and Tunisia have qualified for the international finals, in preparation for the next year’s competition in all parts of the UAE with the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Education and in the Republic of Tunisia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education as well.

Eng. Mohammad Abboud, General Supervisor of the Arab Competition, said in a press release on Sunday that this competition is the only one of its kind in the field of marine robots, which is organized in the Arab world and is directly linked to many important strategic industries such as oil and gas industry and marine services.

Dr. Osama Ismail, head of the Arab and Egyptian competition, and the dean of the marine information center, pointed out that the sub-rover competition is one of the most important international competitions that are concerned with the development of marine technologies. It has been held for more than 17 years and is organized by the Center for Marine Science and Technology (CMAST) every year in the United States, in cooperation with NSF International, NASA, and major US universities and research institutions.

The competition aims to provide the contestants and participants with many new skills and technologies related to the manufacture, design, and development of sub-rovers as well as the necessary scientific and technical experiences for the labor market associated with these new technologies.

The international finals of the competition last year were held in Seattle where the Egyptian two teams (Fortex) and (M.I.A) won the first and third ranks in the world, beating more than 45 teams from America, Russia, England, Canada, China, India and other countries.