Saudi Arabia opens 4th Vaccination Center in Madinah

Saudi health clinics are being set up around the country by the Ministry of Health to treat coronavirus patients. (SPA)

Saudi Arabia inaugurated on Sunday a fourth vaccination center in the Madinah region; while the relevant authorities in the country continued their campaigns to monitor the adherence to preventive measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The Saudi Ministry of Health said that the resumption of normal life depended on the achievement of social immunity; stressing that commitment to preventive measures and getting vaccinated “are our weapons to eradicate the virus.”

During a press conference, the ministry’s spokesman Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly noted that the lack of commitment to health precautions led to an increase in the number of infections in countries around the world, indicating that the general situation in Saudi Arabia was reassuring.

The country registered on Sunday 146 recoveries, bringing the number of recovered cases to 356,687.

In parallel, the Ministry of Interior announced that it had recorded more than 20,000 violations for non-compliance with the procedures last week.

The ministry stressed that citizens and residents must continue to adhere to preventive measures. Besides, to the instructions issued by the relevant authorities in this regard.

Also on Sunday, the Covid-19 vaccination campaign was open in Madinah; after the inauguration of the fourth dedicated center in Saudi Arabia. Prince Faisal bin Salman, Governor of the region, and his deputy, Prince Saud bin Khalid Al-Faisal; received their first dose of the vaccine with the target group of citizens and residents.