Saudi Arabia monitoring all passengers arriving from China for coronavirus

Saudi Arabia has been monitoring all passengers who arrived on flights from China for coronavirus, given that the incubation period of the deadly virus is 14 days, the Kingdom’s Minister of Health Tawfiq al-Rabiah said on Friday.

Saudi Arabia advised its citizens on Friday against traveling to China due to the outbreak, according to the Kingdom’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At the beginning of the outbreak, the Kingdom has activated infection control measures, prepped health facilities, and began screening all passengers who arrived on direct and non-direct flights from China, he added.

The World Health Organization declared the outbreak level of the virus, also known as corona, as a global health emergency, as the death toll reached 212 people with almost 10,000 others having been infected.

The minister also said that all passengers who arrived from China were being monitored, and were isolated until doctors could prove that they had not been infected or exposed to the virus.