Saudi Arabia joins celebrations of World Architecture Day

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joined the world in celebrating the World Architecture Day, at a time it has realized a wide urban development in various regions.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is founded on a rich reserve of architecture, which is the science and art of designing and constructing buildings through applying architectural technology principles with the use of proper construction methods and materials according to the urban planning that accords with the natures of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s cities.

With the rapid and great developments in the constructions sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, demand surged on architects who can prepare designs and construct and supervise projects.

Therefore, the architecture specialization can combine architecture and other engineering specializations, where architects are acquainted with administrative skills that are indispensable for success in preparing and executing new ideas in any given architectural environment.

Saudi Council of Engineers aims at developing the engineering profession and all that can contribute to developing this profession and its workers, with paying special attention to identifying standards for practicing and developing this career.