Saudi Arabia: Iranian nuclear activities reflect a non-peaceful military dimension

Saudi Arabia said on Thursday that all the Iranian nuclear activities also reflect a non-peaceful military dimension.

Prince Abdullah Bin Khalid Bin Sultan; Saudi Arabia’s governor to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); called on Iran in order to seize the current opportunity for dialogue and negotiations.

The Saudi envoy said in a series of tweets that “under no circumstances can Iran be allowed; to repeat the post-2015 deal scenario; also by continuing their nuclear extortion policy.”

“Instead; they must categorically; renounce the pursuit of non-peaceful nuclear ambitions.”

“Iran claims only peaceful purposes for its nuclear activities; yet international reports indicate otherwise: Uranium enrichment up to 60%; restriction of IAEA verification/monitoring; accumulation of non-reversible R&D activities. These all reflect a non-peaceful military dimension;” he added.