Saudi Arabia marks one of the lowest coronavirus death rates- Minister

Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest coronavirus death rates in the world and also one of the lowest total number of critical cases among COVID-19 patients, Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan al-Rabiah said on Sunday.

According to John Hopkins coronavirus statistics, the number of COVID-19 fatalities represents 6.73 percent of all confirmed cases globally.

Meanwhile, there are 302 fatalities reported out of the total 52,016 confirmed coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia, which translates to a death rate of 0.58 percent.

The Kingdom’s daily reported new coronavirus cases have been rising over the past week, with 2,840 cases detected on Saturday, 2,307 cases detected on Friday, 2,039 cases detected on Thursday, 1,905 cases detected on Wednesday, 1,911 cases detected on Tuesday, 1,966 cases detected on Monday, and 1,912 cases detected on Sunday.

The Minister said the rise was due to increased testing and tripling laboratory capacities from the levels they were at the beginning of the outbreak.

He added that the authorities have also widened the scope of testing to include all areas in the Kingdom.

There are 51,980 confirmed coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia, 23,666 recovered COVID-19 patients and 302 deaths as of Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health.