Saudi Arabia has made tremendous strides in digital transformation

 Abdulaziz Al-Freih, chairman of the steering committee of the Ministry of Finance, has asserted that the public sector in Saudi Arabia has achieved tremendous strides in digital transformation in various fields.

He also indicated that the precautionary measure to suspend attendance to workplaces didn’t negatively impact the business continuity due to the existence of digital infrastructure, systems, and platforms.

Al-Freih said that the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia includes educational, health, justice, security, civil, and financial sectors, adding that Saudi Arabia is ranked third in the world for the largest fifth-generation networks in 2019, and came third in technical governance among G20 countries.

Al-Freih made these comments during the 3rd virtual session of “Diwaniyah Al-Maarifa” held by the Ministry of Finance under the title “Remote Work”.