Saudi Arabia gets ready to its 89th National Day

Saudi Arabia gets ready to its 89th National Day

The Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA), which supervises the events to celebrate the 89th National Day season of Saudi Arabia, announced the details of the season events that will be held in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 19th to 23rd September, where visitors to enjoy many different events between fireworks and concerts, designed for this special occasion. This season is a good opportunity for youth to meet and share experiences.

This came during a press conference held by the CEO of GEA, Amr bin Ahmad Banajah in Riyadh on Sunday, in the presence of a number of local and international media, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Mettle to the top

Banajah spoke about the identity of the 89th National Day under the slogan (Mettle to the Top), noting that it was inspired by the Crown Prince’s statement (the Saudis’ mettle likes Jabal Tuwaiq), pointing out the Saudis’ mettle in all fields.

Banajah stressed that the Saudi National Day season will witness many events everywhere in Saudi Arabia to celebrate the memory of a day we, as Saudis, are proud of.

Celebrations in all regions of Saudi Arabia

Banajah added: “This year, we have fireworks celebrations throughout the season, where more than 700 thousand flashes will be fired at a height of up to 300 meters, amid the tunes of national songs, and will be held in all regions of the Kingdom throughout the season”.

Banajah pointed out that the international special shows designed for the Saudi National Day to be held in the hall of the General Sport Authority in Riyadh from 21 to 23 September.

The route towards the future

The audience will enjoy an entertainment show displaying the route we are heading towards the future through a unique story depicting everywhere in Saudi Arabia, and many artistic moments that renew our pride of our past, present, and aspirations for our bright and promising future.

The CEO of GEA that the event (Kingdom of Stars) will be held on Alhamra Corniche in Jeddah, where thousands of fireworks will be launched from the sea at a time in wonderful colors to form a distinctive image dazzles the audience at the Corniche, with sound and visual effects as well as laser shows.

For five days starting from 19 September, in Dhahran Expo in the Eastern province, the most famous company in the international circus shows (Cirque du Soleil) will have a specially-designed show for the occasion of the Saudi National Day, as 40 exhibitors will have about 14 different performances for a full hour.

Banajah explained during the conference that five forums were designed in five cities, through which a number of speakers will talk about the most inspirational and achievement-based events for the purpose of sharing knowledge.

The CEO of GEA, concluded the presentation by thanking the security authorities for their efforts to make the season a success, and all governmental, private and non-profit sectors for their efforts in providing all that contribute to the success of the season through the unification of identity.